Encipher Partners

African Languages Technology Initiative (ALT-I)


Alt-I aims to take African Cultures into the knowledge era, by facilitating development of the neccessary resources that will enable the engagement of all Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in African Languages.

For the purposes of implementation, the overall aim of Alt-I has been broken down into the following objectives:

  • To build awareness on the need to appropriate human language technology (HLT) for communication in African languages
  • To build capacity for research and development in HLT of African languages
  • To undertake relevant studies and develop required software and hardware components for African languages
  • To disseminate findings and popularise best practices for African languages technologies research and development
  • To encourage and facilitate networking among similar programmes in other parts of Africa and beyond

Student Circle


Students Circle Network, a Kyrenia-area start-up (Girne American University Roots) founded in 2010 – is an educational social network for college and high school students with interests in providing free course resources/materials, live faculty/teacher/lecturer help to students, scholarship offers, study groups and many more students services across the globe for FREE.

With over 2million hit since they started, this partnership will help enhance the access to these educational resources via our Encipher INYE tablets.

As part of the partnership, StudentCircle will develop an android application to be installed on the INYE tablets and allow students to collaborate and form study groups across the globe. Encipher limited will provide necessary first line support for the application. Encipher limited will also ensure that educational institutions with whom we have agreements with, join the Student Circle network. Student Circle network also has offered to aid with advertisement of the Encipher INYE tablet on their upcoming ads network.

Breath of Life Ministries:


We are in talks with Breath of Life Faith ministries, Bournemouth, UK to upload audio transcripts of their services onto EncipherTV. The senior pastor, Pastor Toyin David Korede, is a wonderful friend and mentor of Encipher who has allowed this. His ministry and other upcoming ministries will form the Faith Angle of our EncipherTV service.



GoldSMS is a mobile messaging app which allows you send SINGLE and BULK text messages to any phone number in the world without having to use the airtime from your phone company.