About Encipher

Founded in 2008, Encipher is an IT product and service delivery company which provides products and computing infrastructures for different types of companies ranging from start-ups to large corporate organizations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to express and preserve cultures using technology.

Our Core Values

  • We believe our culture is our identity and would like to express this identity via technology. We believe this technology should be open and affordable.
  • We believe all companies including startups deserve a chance to have powerful computing infrastructure. Our computing infrastructure offerings takes care of all your scalable computing needs so you don’t have to.
  • We believe developers ought to earn from their ideas and creativity.
  • We believe the customer ought to have the best technology to use and at an affordable price.


Encipher utilizes latest and open technology to ensure that businesses and individual are able to access services and products at an affordable cost.

Board Of Directors

Saheed Adepoju (Co-founder/Strategy and Innovation manager)

Saheed Adepoju has over 6yrs experience within the software development industry and very proficient in Java development. He is a SUN certified Java programmer and a Microsoft certified Business solution specialist on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. He is responsible for charting the innovation trend within Encipher to ensure it adheres to recent development within the ICT industry

Anibe Agamah (Co-founder)

Anibe Agamah has over 6yrs experience as a Web Development professional with expertise in building applications using tools such as HTML5, JavaScript, Magento & Escenic; working in the eCommerce and digital publishing industries. With a Masters degree in Technology Management and PRINCE2 certification, he is responsible for ensuring that Encipher makes the right decisions relating to design, software and technology.