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February 16, 2011 | Posted In: news

The following are upcoming partners and details of partnership
1) Student Circle:
The student circle is an educational social network co-founded by Gossy Ukanwoke( a Nigerian too :) ). According to their website:

“Students Circle Network, a Kyrenia-area start-up (Girne American University Roots) founded in 2010 – is an educational social network for college and high school students with interests in providing free course resources/materials, live faculty/teacher/lecturer help to students, scholarship offers, study groups and many more students services across the globe for FREE.”
With over 2million hit since they started, this partnership will help enhance the access to these educational resources via our Encipher INYE tablets.
As part of the partnership, StudentCircle will develop an android application to be installed on the INYE tablets and allow students to collaborate and form study groups across the globe. Encipher limited will provide necessary first line support for the application. Encipher limited will also ensure that educational institutions with whom we have agreements with, join the Student Circle network. Student Circle network also has offered to aid with advertisement of the Encipher INYE tablet on their upcoming ads  network.

2) Opera:
Opera US contacted Encipher limited thanks to the just completed Mobile Web West Africa conference completed two weeks ago at the Eko Hotel and suite in Lagos. We are currently in talks with resource in charge of OEM sales within the EMEA region to bundle Opera onto the Encipher INYE and EncipherTV. They recently demoed the Opera for Android tablet at the just concluded CES 2011 held back in January. This is however ongoing and will keep everyone posted.

3) Animation series for EncipherTV:
Our mission is to express and preserve our culture using Technology and these guys really really do capture our attention. They have got the “Fino & Bino” Animation series they are currently building. The name of the company is EVCL and are based here in Abuja. They have the first episode up and YouTube already and it has already a huge impact on both myself and Nigerians in the Diaspora. Fino and Bino are characters who are brother and sister. They stay with their grandparents and learn about the African culture. You can get a feel of the first episode here: First episode of Fino and Bino
They are happy to provide contents to us and are in the process of finalizing a suitable monetization model to suit both parties but surely, it would be available.

4) Jos Repertory Theatre:
I had the opportunity to watch a Play written by Wole Soyinka over the weekend performed by the Jos repertory theatre. It was a wonderful feeling and i had the idea to speak to the theatre group. The theatre would provide the various plays, in particular those related to literature students of secondary schools who take exams on such plays. They would then be uploaded and monetized. We currently talking to SocketWorks who provide educational portals to educational institutions and more of this will follow soon.

5) Breath of Life Ministries:
We are in talks with Breath of Life Faith ministries, Bournemouth, UK to upload audio transcripts of their services onto EncipherTV. The senior pastor, Pastor Toyin David Korede, is a wonderful friend and mentor of mine who has allowed this. His ministry and other upcoming ministries will form the Faith Angle of our EncipherTV service. Many thanks for this. Click here for website

For a look at what EncipherTV logo looks like, Click here . Still in progress, so please be patient with us.

INYE news
We are happy to announce that INYE has gained traction, we are now officially responsible for activating over 30 devices on the Android Ecosystem as well as “influencing” some key developers in adopting the platform as their primary mobile device. We are indeed grateful for your business and encouragements. Our distribution channels still remain Silverbirds Abuja, Loy Okezie (Lagos distributor), Ahmad Mukoshy(Sokoto), The Fakoyas(Warri), Tito Onukwulu(Asaba, Delta).

Encipher App store:
The Encipher App store is still in progress. Many thanks to Onukwulu Tito for his relentless efforts to keep this going and for still the same deadline of end of February despite doing a full time Msc. This would be hosted on appstore.enciphergroup.com.

Many thanks for taking the time to read our post and we will keep you all posted with developments.

Encipher Limited.